Here you can find my personal little collection of all the web links that I find interesting. From 3D Portals, to 3D model shops. I hope you'll enjoy these ones, because I can strongly recommend all of them.

3D / CGI

NewTek - Maker of Lightwave 3D my favorite 3D program

Foundation 3D - Online 3D/2D FORUM ( forums, gallery, tutorials... ).

LWG - Online LightWave FORUM ( forums, gallery, tutorials... ).

Flay - Great online 3D information site.

CG Channel - Another great 3D online resource ( daily updates ).

3D Cafe - Online graphic, objects, plugins, images and stuff.

3D Links - Great resource for other 3D pages and graphic links.

3D Total - Another good 3D site ( excellent online galery ).

3D HR - Croatian 3D site/forum ( galery ).

Lightwave Tutorials - Best resource for LW tutorials ( excellent ).

3D Cars - Excellent site for all car modellers ( 3D and 2D ).

CGFoucus - One of newest 3d resources.

Suurland - This guy is a excellent modeler ( gallery and blueprints ).

Plants - Online resource for 3D plants.

Burninghamstudios - Online 3D graphics and models shop ( some free models).

LightWave Online FR - LW dedicated site on French language.

Chris Blanos 3D - Very good 3D resource ( LW benchmarks page also ).

Savinoff - Fantastic 3D work and images ( LW based ).

KotaPress - Great 3D gallery with artist awards (I got few awards there :)).

3D Glasses Online - interesting site for 3d links and 3-D Glasses Manufacturer

3D Millenium - Gallery of 3D ART and much more for 3D community

FotoSearch Stock Photos - Do you need some photos ? Search them here.

3D Model shops

Amazing 3D - Great online 3D shop (instant buy)

Imagehandc2 - Online 3D shop.

Flashfire - Another online 3D shop.

My Friends

Croart - Internet graphics company ( Animated backgrounds and more ).

RNA studio - Great company for graphics ( excelent works - high recomendation ).

dbGFX - Excellent 3D work from this guy, one of my "online friends"

Matkovic - One of talented artists from my country.


TomSoft - one croatian ISP and much more (thanks for my web space).